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With the introduction of 3D scan technologies, mould inspection and tools for production has been taken to the next level. Measurements that once was done with traditional techniques, such as CMM (coordinate measuring machine) or other contact measuring technologies are now suitable to be carried out with an optical equipment.
In order to measure the shape of an objects, CMMs can acquire a few hundreds of significant points
leaving some parts uninspected. This approximation is accepted because a complete object probing may
takes too long and it would be excessively expensive.
Due to this approximation, critical areas may be partially or completely not acquired by the measuring machine.



Open Technologies 3D scanners allows to quickly create a 3D model complete in almost every part thanks to the acquisition of thousands of points on every single surface.
T-Led, the reference point in energy efficiency of the “Optotech” technology hub, develops and produces
special and high quality lenses, LED lightings and illumination solutions. With its very own design, T-Led produces high efficiency, low cost, LED lenses. In order to maintain requirements, they must inspect their lenses mould on a regular basis and verify whether it needs to be rectified.



In order not to suspend the lenses production for a long time, the scan has to take place in the shortest time possible. The fastest approach is to apply targets to the object and put it on the automatic turn table. Targets registration guarantees that the measured object will be acquired accordingly to the scanner tolerance.

The scan process takes few minutes, data optimization and enhancement is carried directly in Optical Reveng. The post processed polygonal model is, then, ready to be imported in an inspection software and compared with its CAD file.



Cronos Dual 200 mm 2.0 MpxTripod

Manfrotto Tripod

Turntable TRM010

Portable workstation

Optical Reveng 2.4

Geomagic ControlX


1- Cronos Dual 2Mpx, 200mm measur ing volume is the right equipment for this task. Its field of view perfectly fit with the dimension of the mould.

2-  The object is completely acquired with few images and every feature is acquired with high resolution. The scan procedure takes 10 scans in a single sensor position, every range image will be automatically merged and registered by the software.


3- A polygonal mesh is an output format that can be imported in almost every 3D software environment. 

4-  Optical RevEng allows you to obtain the maximum optimization of your mesh in terms of smoothness, feature and style lines enchantment and lightweight of the computational load.


5-  Once generated the mesh, and after few mesh enhancement command, the polygon model is ready to be exported from Optical RevEng into an inspection program.

6- The inspection is carried out with Geomagic ControlX, a 3D systems software. It allows you to freely chose how to align the 3D model (RPS,3-2- 1,Best fit etc.) and which feature to inspect. You can show the deviation map and label the relevant quotes between the acquired polygonal model and the CAD data. If it’s necessary to execute the inspection on more than one object, ControlX can automatize the procedure.



In order to reduce assembly times for products, simple parts with simple features are no longer a standard today. Components need to be verified quickly and accurately and today optical measurements are an option. More and more companies are equipping themselves with 3D scanners in order to speed up inspection processes. 3D measurements with Cronos Dual are a good solution to overcome the CMMs limits such as overlooked area on complex shapes during the probing. Cronos Dual with its accuracy allows you to store an accurate 3D model that can be used afterwards for reverse engineering purposes,
inspection or a comprehensive analisys of every surface.


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