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Footwear Industry


APPLICATION - SOLE MODEL: Sizes development

The prototype of the sole is carved in
the style department and completed
by the modeller, it is then, digitized in a
matter of minutes. (Polygonal meshes,

CAM – Results of a digitization with
Cronos3d are directly importable in
most of the CAM environments for the
toolpath generation.


Appropriate scaling allows the
development of the entire range of
sizes. Every model is then milled.


APPLICATION - HEEL: Reverse engineering

The prototype of the heel is carved in the style department and completed by the modeller, it is then, rapidly digitized. (Polygonal
meshes, STL OBJ PLY)

Workflow #1 - The polygonal mesh obtained by Cronos3d
is imported directly in a CAD system for a complete
reverse engineering and design of the resulting mold.
At this point, results are imported in the CAM software
for the toolpath generation.

Workflow #2 – Toolpath are generated directly on the
polygonal output of the 3d Scanner or, after a reverse
engineering process, on the resulting CAD solid.
The prototype is used as a foundation for manufacturing
a casting mold of the milled part.




• 3D Scan of the last, acquisition of the shape and figures (polygonal mesh STL OBJ PLY)
• Reverse engineering of the last
• CAD – Design and development of the different parts of the shoe based on 3d scan data Heel, Uppers/Vamp, Counters,
Insoles and Soles.



APPLICATION - SOLE MOLD (Casting and milling)

Mold cover from hollow casting

1- Aluminum casting on the sole model (hollow casting).

2- 3D scan of the resulting mold (Polygonal mesh STL OBJ PLY).


3-  CAD – Parting line detection, reductions and simplifications through offsets and scan data sections.

3.png 2.png

 4- CAM – Machining of the mold cover from CAD results



APPLICATION - ENTIRE SHOE : Reverse Engineering & Rendering

• 3D Scan of the finished shoe, colors and textures acquisition (Polygonal mesh STL OBJ PLY)
• Rendering and cataloging
• CAD – Reverse engineering of the different components of the shoe based on 3d scan outputs.


Optical Reveng*, besides acquiring, registering, processing and editing the polygonal mesh, allows plane intersections for crosssections
on the model and smart curves detection (manually with control points or automatically based on curvature).
The exported Polylines can be imported as an IGES in any cad environment as a support for the reverse engineering process.
*Optical Reveng: Open Technologies’ proprietary software, professional license included with any hardware


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