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  • scansione3d marmo scanner3d marbleStone 400

    Designed for the marble sector, STONE400 is a 3D scanning system suitable for everybody due to its user friendliness and competitive price. The software included is very simple, intuitive and a great aid in managing the project freely and quickly.
    • Classical, modern or religious sculpture
    • Funerary Art
    • Furnishings
    • Furniture, design and fancy goods
  • scanner3d portavasi acquisizione3D scan for stone

    STONE400 allows the 3D scan of any form to reproduce or restore. Specific for artistic objects where intricacy of the surfaces and attention to details meet.

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  • scansione bassorilievo 3dTest

    It is easy to test the match of the different components of our creation by assembling together the 3D models.

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  • Laminati/compositiDigital archive generation

    Digital archives of all the manufactured or just scanned details are possible with the STONE400 3D scanner.

    + Digital Catalogues
    + Quick  history management
    + 3D file ready for digital rendering

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  • Stone 400
  • 3D scan
  • Test
  • DA

From concept to reality



With STONE400 you can perform the 3D
scan of sculptures, altars, ambons, stoops, fonts,
columns, statues and bas-reliefs.
Concerving the artistic heritage has finally become a reality!
Anything can be filed thanks to the "digital copy".




With STONE400 you can 3D scan any object
of any shape and size, both in classic and
modern style, from lamps to obelisks,
from candelabra to serving trays, unique,
hand made pieces. It can all be recreated
thanks to the “digital copy”.




With STONE400 you can perform the 3D scan
of classic, modern monuments, temples, niches
and more, generate virtual archives, a must to
simplify the costumer's choices.
It can all be filed thanks to the “digital copy”.




With STONE400 you can 3D scan furnishing
items such as fountains, fireplaces, columns,
capitals, tables, pedestals, wash basin, where the
intricacy of the surfaces and the attention to
detail meet as demanded by the market.
It can all be done thanks to the “digital copy”.




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